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electrolux washing machine
electrolux washing machine

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    The best commercial warewashers in the country, when and where you need them

    Richard Jay is proud to supply the best warewashing machines to
    hospitality business owners right throughout Australia. Manufactured
    by Electrolux Professional, our warewashing equipment has fully
    automatic self-cleaning cycle to prevent bacteria proliferation and
    unique temperature interlock to ensure that every wash cycle meets
    health and safety standards.

    Electrolux models combine the basics with modern digital
    technology to wash up to 540 dishes per hour. They feature a
    washing system with rotating arms, high powered wash pumps and
    large capacity boilers alongside state-of-the-art electronic controls
    with built-in programming.

    electrolux washing machines

    Crystal clear glasswashing solutions

    Electrolux Professional glasswashers are specifically designed to
    create a seamless workflow in bars, pubs, cafes and restaurants.
    Incorporating hospitality-friendly features, from the soft start to the
    spotless finish, our machines deliver a quick turnaround so that you
    can do the same for your customers.

    When you invest in a glasswashing machine from Richard Jay,
    you’re investing in a constant rinse pressure and temperature that
    guarantees disinfection, sanitation and rinse quality – every time.

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    In business, cleanliness really is everything – and we’re here to make sure you get it right. If you can’t see a
    solution that meets your needs, give us a call and let our friendly team point you in the right direction.

    We’re backed by more than 50 years of
    squeaky clean business

    Our team has earned international recognition for excellence,
    efficiency and innovation in the cleaning and sanitation industry. With
    local and national outlook and dedicated offices in every state, we
    are able to meet your delivery and servicing needs wherever you are.

    Our customer base is large and diverse, including some of the
    country’s most well-known hospitality businesses, and we are
    committed to adopting new technologies and sustainable practices
    to serve them better.

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    Hear why our customers choose Richard Jay

    Since buying from Richard Jay's, I would not change companies. The service technicians are available and extremely knowledgeable. I have been in the industry since 1980 and I know from experience that Maytag are the best commercial washers and dryers available.

    Les Woodbury

    Manager - Alex Beach Top Tourist Park, QLD

    The Renmark Hotel is on the banks of the beautiful Murray River, in the heart of Renmark, South Australia. Featuring 67 rooms, dining, bar and bottle shop, the Renmark Hotel required a full on premise and guest laundry laundry upgrade.Laundry Manager Coral Stone said “the laundry operates 6 to 7 hours per day, 5 days a week, and the recommended machinery by Richard Jay Pty Ltd perfectly services the laundry’s daily requirements, while producing quality results”. Richard Jay also partnered with Renmark to upgrade the guest laundry facilities to accommodate up to six loads of guest personals per day. Veronica Grant, SA Laundry Consultant, recommended one Maytag 15kg Commercial washer and Kleaner liquid laundry detergent and dispenser for guest convenience. Renmark Hotel finds these individual Kleaner sachets “very convenient and cost effective” noted Ms Stone.Contact a specialist RJ Laundry Consultant today to partner with Australia’s largest national sales, service and spare parts commercial laundry supplier.

    The Renmark Hotel

    Coral Stone - Laundry Manager