2 things customers love about JayWare warewashers

We’re so proud of our warewashing range at Richard Jay. Even though JayWare is introduced in August 2018, it’s already winning loyal fans and high praise from customers across Australia. Here are two features businesses are loving:

Versatile universal racks
Unlike many competitor machines, the entire JayWare range is designed to accommodate 500 x 500mm racks (which is the universal standard size for commercial warewashers).

This creates uniformity and means customers can easily swap between racks depending on their load size and type. They can even slot in racks from competitors’ machines if they wish!

All JayWare equipment comes with a complimentary plate rack, cutlery rack and glass rack, and customers can order any additional racks they require directly through us.

Ultra-hygienic rinse temperature
When it comes to dishwasher rinse temperatures, Food Standards Australia & New Zealand (Safe Food Australia) defers to international standards, which specify a minimum temperature of 80 degrees Celsius. All JayWare dishwashers exceed that standard with a rinse temperature of 85 degrees Celsius for exceptionally hygienic results that remove every trace of grease and grime.

Explore our JayWare range or contact your Richard Jay representative for warewashing advice 1300 742 427.