RJ Capital Plus Matters

New laundry machinery + breakdown service for no Capital outlay

What really sets us apart is our unique, all inclusive RJ Capital Plus rental offering which is 100% company owned with no third party financial institutions involved. Across Australia, the entire RJ Capital Plus process, along with breakdown service is managed by the Richard Jay team.

Our complete range of laundry machinery is available as part of our RJ Capital Plus solution, which brings together machine supply plus breakdown service. This means you can benefit from new rental machinery with no capital outlay, and no breakdown repair bills to worry about...ever. RJ Capital Plus is available for new laundry machinery in all commercial and industrial in-house laundries from one machine to entire new laundry set up.

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All inclusive supply and support. We’ve got everything covered.

What Our Customers Say

Golden Touch provides laundering services to hotels, restaurants and clothing manufacturers in the Adelaide region. Amy, owner of Golden Touch, came to Richard Jay in 2013 to purchase the required machinery to set up her wash,dry, fold and iron business. The recommendation of x1 24kg washer, x1 35kg dryer and x1 chest ironer were accepted and continue to operate efficiently and effectively. Machines programming was customised to the client’s needs of fast effective 30 minute cycles. This is to maintain maximum output through the 8 hour a day operation.

To assist with managing capital for the business, Richard Jay suggested that all machinery can be set up under our RJ Capital Plus scheme a 100% in-house final product. This allows Golden Touch to pay one simple fixed monthly fee for the new machinery and includes machine breakdown service. On the occasion there has been breakdown service required, Amy calls Richard Jay’s national after sales call centre and has been very happy with the response times.

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