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Today's Best Cashless Payment Technology for your Laundry's Washers and Dryers


e-CleanPay cashless payment innovation will increase customer satisfaction and revenue. This system has a super-fast transaction process via Smart phone using Paypal or credit card. e-CleanPay is perfect for Laundrettes, Universites, Student Housing, Tourist Parks, Backpackers, Hotels and Motels. Machines can be 100% cashless and mixed with coin or token operated machinery.

QUICK CASHLESS PAYMENTS for your laundry. Making it easy for your customers.

The only cashless payment system of its type available. No cash needed anymore, No locked in contracts, No registrations, No accounts, No sharing of confidential data, No app downloads, No annoying top ups.

The system accepts instant Visa, Mastercard, AMEX and Paypal payments. Your business will benefit from very simple, one dollar-a-week per machine plan, with remote start capability, customer insights, real time alerting and advanced options to support variable or time of day pricing. This technology is trendy and really easy for your customers to use; they’ll love it & will be back for sure.

$1 a week per machine plus set up charges and you will have a cashless payment system in your laundry. Available on all major commercial washer & dryer brands. Some existing older machinery can have the technology activated. Ask us for more information.

With the e-CleanPay system you get all sorts of benefits. You can go cashless or offer a mix of coin or token & e-CleanPay. Your loyalty programs will be a lot easier and you will build up a customer database. There are transparent transaction fees, so no hidden charges. With this system, everything you need for your cashless laundry is provided. You will get a customised website to suit your branding and machine signage with QR code. Your cashless machines will also be connected to the payment platform. And last but not least, you will receive revenue payment reports daily, weekly & monthly.

Activate cashless payments across any mix of old and new machines from different manufacturers, while also offering a consistent customer experience under a single storefront.

2 Cashless payment systems to choose from  Which system suits your laundry best?
Visa, Mastercard, Americanexpress, Paypal

*Customer insights email database gathered
* QR code and machine signage included
*Allow customers to pay using mix of cash or token and e-CleanPay in a single vend
* Transparent transaction fee, no hidden charges
* $1 weekly per machine no locked in contracts (conditions apply)

Visa, Mastercard, Android pay, Apple pay, Card swipe

* Automatic settlement of card payments to nominated bank account in 24-48 hours
* Automatic tax receipts available to user
* Card swipe & EMV international chip cards
* Enable disable machines for cashless payments
* Provide access for laundry staff to start machines
* $4 weekly per machine no locked in contracts (conditions apply). Minimum Weekly Payment $32 per week. The minimum machines is 8.

Did you know 72% of Aussies are paying on mobile?
Improve customer satisfaction, increase revenue now with e-CleanPay cashless payment system

Flexible Wash Payments

Ability to pay using mix of cash or token and e-CleanPay in a single vend. Choose the amount to pay with e-CleanPay and pay the rest with coins/tokens.

Advanced dryer pricing
Dryers can be configured with a higher payment amount on entry, eg. $4.00.
Top-up dryer credits when a cycle is in progress for extra minutes added to the dryer from the beginning.

The Low Down on Advanced Pricing
It is now possible to configure all machines with a default amount, a minimum amount and a maximum amount. You can use this feature to enable variable pricing, time of day pricing and hybrid cash & cashless payments.
This feature is also useful in driving up dryer sales by specifying a higher vend amount on entry but giving customers the flexibility to tap and reduce the amount if they like.

Get instant payment notifications and daily activity statements sent to choosen email addresses. In future, settings can be managed through the self-service administration portal and also getting the ability to enable/disable Payment and Daily Transaction Report notifications and select how often you want to receive reports.

Cash Tracking in the future
This functionality will enable tracking of cash activity in your machines along with cashless. It is of significant value for cash handling challenges as it delivers governance capabilities across the machinery.

* Minimum Weekly Payment $12 per week

Are you ready to give your customers a unique payment experience? Get in contact with us today.

e-CleanPay At A Glance:washers ecleanpay richard Jay Pty Ltd

* Plug-N-Play Cashless Payment system for all major commercial washer & dryer brands
* Customer Loyalty Programs
* New controls for payment notifications & settlement reports
* Allow customers to pay using mix of cash or token and e-CleanPay in a single vend
* Advanced dryer and washer pricing features
* Instant payment notifications and daily activity statements e-mailed
* Coin counting and real-time cash tracking for all machines (Optional)

Available across all major commercial laundry brands

* Remote machine starts if breakdown occur
* Customer insights email database gathered
* Real time alerting
* Real time Pricing flexibility

and what's next...

* Enhanced User Interface
* Store Administration portal
* Customer Loyalty Advanced machine cycle
* Machine Availability function
* Additional Payment options

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