Washer by LG Commercial

LG Stacked Washer/Dryer Giant C+ Platinum


The LG Giant C range of washers and dryers have a near silent performance. The machines are well known for their efficiency in water and energy usage. They also have an optional auto-detergent dosing system available.

The LG Giant C plus is a very affordable modern finish laundry range. You can install your laundry to meet your needs and space with side by side or stack configuration. And the easy install makes it easy to bring and reinstall your products when you need to change the set up.

The machines are available in single washers and dryers, stacked (or stack-on-site) washer and dryer and a stacked dryer and dryer - all available in either coin or non-coin options.


  • 2x 10kg large capacity
  • Premium Powder Coated Platinum Finish
  • Pre-assembled or easy assemble on-site
  • Programmable Wash and Dry Cycles
  • Optional Auto Detergent Dosing System
  • Inverter Direct Drive Motor - No Belts or Pulleys
  • Reversible Door for Dryer with no additional parts required
  • Multi Heat Treatment protects against gradual wear and tear

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