Xeros Technology at Richard Jay

In 2017, Xeros, developers of near waterless washing extractors, and Richard Jay, Australia’s leading supplier of commercial & industrial laundry equipment, became partners. This means that commercial laundries and hotels throughout Australia can now experience reduced utility costs and superior cleaning results with the Xeros machine with the peace of mind that Richard Jay’s service and support team will be on hand in their area.

The Xeros washing system stands out from the competition by using up to 80% less water, 50% less energy, and 50% less detergent than conventional machines. These reductions allow customers to see financial savings of up to 30% per year. This system also gives market-leading cleaning results. The unique, polymer Xorbs that replace some of the water are like a million hands gently washing your linens. Customers have reported cleaner, fresher and softer linens that lead to improved guest satisfaction results. The superior wash of the Xeros system also removes essential oils that many conventional machines cannot, reducing the risk of potentially deadly laundry fires.

Richard Jay’s after-care offering for the Xeros system is unique; once the washing system is installed, they provide everything from the chemicals to the service so you can run a worry-free laundry operation.

Our shared values

Preserving the environment
Both Xeros and Richard Jay are passionate about saving the water and the environment. Find out exactly how the Xeros washing extractor can do this here.

Serving our customers’ needs
Together, Xeros and Richard Jay can solve nearly every customers’ laundry problems. With combined experience spanning over five decades, they have dealt with everything from reducing customers’ utility costs, fitting into odd-shaped spaces, bringing laundry back in-house and replacing old equipment. 

Offering peace of mind
Richard Jay offer first class service response and support in a single package to give you complete peace of mind.

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More information on Xeros here. Get in contact with one of our Laundry Consultants and discuss how Xeros can work for your business.