Supporting new Laundry & Linen Service for people with disabilities

Take a look at our new Electrolux Barrier Laundry installation at the Conder House Laundry & Linen Service.

Owner Cathy came to Richard Jay with an idea to start a laundry and linen service catering to families and carers of people with disabilities. Having a disabled son herself, Cathy identified a need for families to have a more personalised service, and we have been lucky enough to support her in her vision.

The initial conversation between Richard Jay and the Conder House Laundry & Linen Service was based around the need to provide a more personalised laundry and linen service to people with disabilities, their carers, and their families, in the Canberra region. After identifying this, the next step was to discuss laundry hygiene and disinfection standards, and how the business can provide the highest guarantee of meeting these standards for customers. After discussing the barrier laundry concept, and the Electrolux Evolution range, it made sense to Cathy that any chance of cross contamination was essentially eliminated, and that she could support her customers with that peace of mind.”

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