Reduce your laundry costs significantly by bringing laundry in house

Washer design and efficiency has advanced considerably in recent years with new technologies and programming advancements that minimise water, energy usage plus reduce operation costs. This provides a strong case for modernising existing laundry facilities in order to achieve considerable operational savings and efficiencies.

Commercial Laundry can vary from Microfibre through to daily loads of sheets, uniforms, work clothes, towels, blankets, doonas and linen from kitchen and dining room facilities. It is therefore important that you have the correct machines to handle your daily load and some spare capacity for peak loads.

The G-Force generated in the spin cycle is a key factor in machine efficiency and in reducing energy usage in laundries. Manufacturer data shows variations in G Force from less than 200 G for rigid mounts and up to 420G for Soft mount machines. High G force has a significant effect on water, detergent, dissolved soil extraction efficiency and fabric moisture retention. Efficient water extraction can result in a dramatic reduction in time and energy needed to run dryers. Ideally, the spin force should be programmable in relation to the wash cycle, fabric type and desired moisture retention.

It is important that your washer can be easily programmed without the need for expensive software or specialised technical knowledge. Programmability allows you to vary the wash parameters, including the prewash, main wash time, heat parameters, rinse duration, number of rinses, spin speed to suit the fabric type and the wash requirements. It will also benefit when the wash programs interface with chemical selection to ensure consistent high-quality results.

Detergent feed pumps
Detergent feed pumps communicate with your wash programs to ensure that the correct amounts and types of chemical are injected at the correct time into the wash cycle.  We use and recommend the Brightwell Dispensing range. These pumps will enable you to lower the cost of your chemical products utilising smart dosing technology from Electrolux.  You can also make sure thermal disinfection is being reached with reports for every wash cycle.

Purchase or rental
At Richard Jay, you can get the equipment you need for a fixed monthly fee. The RJ Capital Plus program at Richard Jay includes Breakdown Service over the Term.  Talk to one of our laundry consultants and they will explain to you all the benefits of RJ Capital Plus.

The right machine combination will significantly reduce your labour content and provide additional savings in water, energy, detergents plus linen and operational costs.

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