Process Validation

With laundry processes vital to the fight against infection, Electrolux Professional has unveiled a new tool designed to help operators validate thermal disinfection process.

Compatible with both new and pre-existing models of their full range of machines, Temp°Check is a game-changing piece of equipment which allows operators to check that thermal disinfection has taken place, no matter which type of laundry they have.
The simple Process Validation tool will avoid laundries ever having to worry about infection outbreak!
The compact, universal control is the perfect tool to enable businesses to comply with a strict and growing set of laundry criteria. From a healthcare facility requiring full transparency of hygiene standard AS 4146:2000 section 3.5.2*, to a facilities manager needing to guarantee thermal disinfection of microfibre cloth, Temp°Check’s ability to store Validation Reports for up to 1,000 cycles can offer peace of mind to a wide range of businesses.

What’s more, Productivity Reports are also recorded to demonstrate the efficiency of laundry equipment, in order to improve profitability. This ensures machines will perform at their most efficient, both economically and procedurally, regardless of whether the machines used are barrier or traditional, manual or auto dosing.
Elexpert Mick Christian commented: “There is a growing list of guidelines for laundries to comply with, so we wanted to make it as easy as possible for a wide variety of business to develop safe and efficient laundry facilities. Whether they’re cleaning microfibre cloths, staff uniforms or bed linen, Temp°Check allows all types of laundries to avoid ever having to worry about infection outbreak through one simple process validation tool.”

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Watch the Electrolux Professional video on Process Validation:


Source: Electrolux Professional UK


* “Soiled linen that is to be thermally disinfected shall be washed so that the temperature ofthe load is maintained at a minimum of 65°C for not less than 10 minutes, or at a minimumof 71°C for not less than 3 minutes.As it will take time for heat to penetrate the load, an allowance for mixing time and load
level shall be made to ensure that the load is maintained at the correct temperature for the minimum time period. For low loading 4 minutes shall be allowed, and for high loading 8minutes. The minimum time/temperature combinations are therefore—
(a) 65°C maintained for not less than 10 minutes; minimum cycle time 14 minutes for low loading or 18 minutes for high loading; or
(b) 71°C maintained for not less than 3 minutes; minimum cycle time 7 minutes for low loading or 11 minutes for high loading.If the linen is heavily soiled, a sluice cycle should be used before the disinfection cycle."