Preparing your Laundry for surprise accreditation inspections

Aged Care facilities will no longer receive notice of re-accreditation visits, following a recent review of the National Aged Care Quality Regulatory Processes.

Changes to these Processes will be put into effect immediately, with the goal of achieving and maintaining higher living standards, which includes Laundry procedures. Authorities will provide no preparation time to facilities prior to the re-accreditation inspections. The current process of initial accreditation by the Australian Aged Care Quality Agency will be maintained: inspections will be arranged with the facility in advance, allowing them to better understand the standards and meet licensing requirements.

By holding unannounced re-accreditation inspections, the authorities are aiming to gather a stronger understanding on issues currently affecting residents, including staffing, attention, facility maintenance, and various other criteria.

When it comes to preparing for these inspections, there are areas that need to constantly be assessed and regulated. As part of the Richard Jay Laundry Consultation program, assistance with these checks is available to all laundry facilities who want to maintain the highest possible standards.

There are four main areas of laundry standards that should be managed:

  • the facilities and operation
  • the laundry transportation equipment
  • the collection, loading, storage and sorting of linen
  • the disinfection records 

If all of these aspects are accounted for, there should be no issues with any unannounced re-accreditation visits.

As part of the Richard Jay Laundry Consultation program, a member of our professional team will visit the facility and review all of the current procedures and equipment that is in use. Any notes and recommendations will be provided as part of the report.

How can you prepare for a laundry inspection?
It is crucial that all laundry staff are familiar with the basic day-to-day procedures of the facility. This includes machine operation, workflow and processes followed by staff, knowing how to prevent issues with machines (and how to respond if any breakdowns occur), and the disinfection procedures.

Laundry staff should also be familiar with the Australian and New Zealand Standards for Laundry Practices, which we discussed in a recent news story.

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