New Dependable Maytag Top-load washer MAT20

The latest Top-load washer from Maytag Commercial has been reinvented for enhanced commercial laundry success. It is designed with a ½-HP PSC motor, traditional flex-vane agitator and heavy-duty cabinet. Engineered for true dependability, from build to clean.

The MAT20 is exceptionally engineered to enhance the wash experience, optimise revenue generation and help meet the demands of on-site laundries. With an easy-to-remove, industrial-strength front panel it provides technicians quick access to internal components, so if downtime occurs, it is taken to a minimum. And yes, items can now be added again to the load at any time during wash, fill, and rinse portions of cycle with no hassle but simply by lifting the lid.

Quality features
The deep-water wash system in the MAT20 top-load washer features multiple wash and rinse cycles, and uses four distinct wash profiles, from aggressive to gentle. The traditional, flex-vane agitator pulls clothes from the top of the basket to the bottom, creating an effective wash pattern and outstanding load rollover. And the spin-fill wet-down process ensures the load is properly saturated by spinning the basket during the initial fill. Also, fully programmable Intelligent Controls with M-Series Technology provides flexibility and profit-boosting opportunities, as well as clearly-displayed prices, selections, and time remaining.

Durable and tough
Designed with high-grade, powder-coated galvanized steel, the front panel is easily removed for quick service entry when needed—while the base offers access to the transmission, pump and motor. And the entire, full-wrap metal console is sleek and easy to clean. With this machine Maytag housed the components in a heavy-duty cabinet that also helps boost strength and craftsmanship necessary for high-demand vended environments. Maytag doesn’t just design and engineers the best machines they can, they are ensuring they are the best supplier possible.

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