LACO machinery - First class ironing for small and medium industrial laundries

The LACO Company, established in 1994, and manufacturing in Kuurne – Belgium, developed and patented the flexible single shell chest for gas and electro-heated ironers. 

LACO was the first manufacturer that used this technology in combination with the high efficiency thermal oil pumps in self-contained ironers.

The new LACO D1200 range have a roller length from 2m up to 4m. The D802-3 & K802-3 range have a roller length from 2.5m to 3.5m. These Ironers have a flexible laser-welded bed® controlled by oil pressure, which extends the lifetime of the roll and an adjustable heating possibility per roll with a long-heated bridge. (More info on the D1200 -D1203 range or the D802-3 and K802-3 range).

Watch this video about the LACO Ironer range:

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