Kempsey Laundry saving approximately $100 per week since the installation of the Electrolux Gas Dryers


Andrew Hawken from Kempsey Laundry purchased four Electrolux Professional Gas dryers from Richard Jay

Kempsey Laundry a commercial laundry in Kempsey north of Port Macquarie last year replaced their aging dryers. Richard Jay Laundry consultant Fiona Berry spoke to Andrew about his new T5290 LPG Electrolux gas dryers.

Andrew explains how the new dryers now save him $80 to $100 per week in LPG gas. “When you said they used less gas I didn’t quite believed what you said. But after probably two months I worked it out……we have experienced a drop from around 850 litres of gas per week to 750 or less sometimes”. (A cubic meter gas m3 is equal to 1,000 liters)

For almost 50 years now, Richard Jay have taken time to understand your commercial & industrial laundry requirements across Australia. “We have been dealing with Richard Jay for 14,5 years now… The machines don’t have much maintenance, are reliable and easy for customers to use”, Andrew added.

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