Important information when starting a laundromat

The three most important factors in having a successful laundromat business are: Location, location, location! A well-equipped and well-managed laundromat will not reach its full income potential unless the location is right.

The site needs to be near other businesses with adequate customer parking facilities. Make sure the site is in a highly visible area, consider the amount of traffic, traffic flow and road speed limits. Also, be aware of the competition surrounding your chosen location. Find out as much as you can about the demographics within a five-kilometre radius of your site: population, housing type (apartments vs. houses), income level etc. And make sure your exterior signage is visible: your exterior sign is your number one traffic builder to your business. You can look into local advertising mediums available, and definitely consider a website.

Check out our full checklist on a Laundry site below and speak to one of our laundry consultants today 1300 742 427. Download our Laundromat start-up guide here.