How a Preventative Maintenance Agreement can save you $$


If your organisation uses commercial laundry or warewashing equipment, it makes sense to keep it in excellent condition – not just to maintain optimum wash/dry performance and prevent downtime, but also for crucial safety reasons and regulatory compliance. The easiest way to do this is with a Preventative Maintenance Agreement (PMA).
A PMA from Richard Jay is tailored to your business’s specific requirements and wash frequency. A PMA can be drawn up when you purchase your equipment (recommended) or at any time in the future.
Just as your family car needs a service every 10,000km, commercial laundry and warewashing equipment requires a series of maintenance checks regularly. 
Avoid serious incidents
A Richard Jay PMA can help your organisation avoid potentially life-threatening issues. We recently learned of an aged care site in Sydney where a build-up of lint in a dryer caused a fire. The machine was installed in 2016 and had never been serviced.
A preventable incident stemming from something like lint build-up can void your insurance. Equipment manufacturers recommend Preventative Maintenance to ensure your warranty is valid.
Your customised Richard Jay PMA will set out a schedule of preventative maintenance visits from our team of experienced technicians. They will pre-arrange to visit your premises periodically to conduct component checks, maintenance operation checks, equipment operation optimisation and infection control checks so you know you’re covered.
Why preventative maintenance is better than breakdown repairs
- Preventative maintenance protects your capital investment
- Preventative maintenance extends the life of your machinery
- Preventative maintenance reduces machinery downtime and associated costs by intercepting issues before they affect performance.
- Preventative maintenance gives you one less thing to worry about because you won’t need to remember when your machinery is due for a service. The servicing schedule is already set and we send you reminders in advance.
- Preventative maintenance meets your compliance obligations under the Australian Laundry Standards*. These state that preventative maintenance systems must be in place to ensure correct and safe operation of all plant and equipment, including appropriate calibration of all key equipment such as water level controls, temperature controls and other process timer controls that ensures compliance and process stability.
Richard Jay Preventative Maintenance visits are conducted by qualified service technicians who keep a selection of spare parts in their vans.
No matter where you are in Australia, one of our experts can come to you. We have offices and support staff in every state of Australia to meet your needs locally and immediately.

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