Front Loader vs Top Loader Washing Machines: the real differences for you and the environment

As society becomes more conscious of the effects we have on the environment, is it perhaps surprising that a large number of businesses still ignore the fact that they can make a monumental difference through their laundry processes.

How does this affect you?
The average consumer is told that when purchasing a new washing machine, they should make the switch to a front loader. The up front cost will be higher, however the machine will pay itself off multiple times in its lifetime, through lower water usage and electricity costs.

Lower Water Consumption
By opting for a front loader, the Australian family is told that it can expect to save over 25,000 litres of water a year. Compare these statistics to a business; by simply switching from a top loader to a front loader, a business (doing 5 cycles a day and operating for 5 days a week) can expect to save a massive amount of water every year, in fact up to 102,000 litres annually compared to top load washing machines.
Water savings are also available on the Electrolux range of industrial washing machines from 10–65kg capacities.

Better for Linen
Not only do front loaders offer a more cost effective way of operating, they also provide a better clean that increases the life of the linen, when compared to a top loader machine. Front loaders don’t need agitators to push and pull the linen around, allowing the cycle to be much friendlier on the materials, all the while using less water for the wash.

Reduced Drying Time
Front load washing machines spin 40% faster than a top load machine, leading to less time required in the dryer. By significantly reducing the time a dryer runs each day, users can expect to save hundreds in energy savings.

Better for the Environment
By using significantly less water, front loader washing machines don’t need as much laundry detergent, therefore reducing the chemicals and amount of grey water expelled by the machine (Grey water is the water that goes from the washer into the drains).

Energy Star Approved Front Loaders
The Maytag and LG front loader washing machines from Richard Jay feature the Energy Savings logo/approval from the EPA (ENERGY STAR is a U.S. Environmental Protection Agency voluntary program that helps businesses and individuals save money and protect our climate through superior energy efficiency). This seal of approval means the machines are ENERGY STAR qualified, meeting industrial standards of energy efficiency.

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