Benefits of an On-Premise Laundry

Industries with medium to heavy laundry requirements know the difficulty in dealing with outsourced linen services, of which there are currently two options; either rent the clean delivered linen and pay per item, or own the linen and pay the laundry to wash, dry & iron (if required). Both of these services include pick up and delivery options at the discretion of the service provider.

Are you one of these companies who outsource company Linen to a commercial laundry?

7 reasons why you should consider operating your own laundry equipment

1. Many of the commercial laundry services have increased their charges in recent times, mainly due to increased water and energy costs. As a result, many businesses are considering installing their own laundry at their premises, giving them complete control over the operation. This is referred to as an OPL - On-Premise Laundry.

2. By changing your operation to keep your laundry requirements in-house with an OPL you can expect huge cost savings; approx 30-35% for towels, and 40-50% for linens, cleaning clothes, uniforms and residents garments.

3. When you take care of your own laundry needs, you have complete control over the end result and the quality of the service provided. By utilising an OPL, you can ensure the very best finished results for your laundry by using quality machines and using company preferred detergents/chemicals.

4. There is no guarantee that your laundry with be safe from cross infection at a commercial laundry. There is always the chance that they may mix hotel linen with aged or healthcare linen - leaving each different type open to all kinds of cross contamination and spread of bacteria. Infection Control is a huge benefit of running your own laundry, as you are only washing your own linen and not exposing it to any unknown sources.

5. When using a commercial laundry service, it can be difficult to schedule your washing during peak periods, or worse still, leave you waiting until a delivery can be made in an already busy time. Taking control of your laundry operation means no delays, no deliveries, and no time wasted.

6. You have complete control in an OPL, and can use the money saved to splash out on better quality linen and accessories, as you are no longer restricted by what is supplied by a commercial laundry. This will allow you to choose from more exclusive linens, choose your own colours & quality, creating a lasting impression with the residents and guests..

7. Running your own laundry can be a daunting task, and in the past this has often been down to learning new processes. With easy to operate machines, your In-house staff can process laundry whilst attending to other tasks. There’s no need for excessive learning, as all new commercial grade machines are easy to load and operate, and also meet government requirements for laundry standards.


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