Beat all harmful bacteria in your laundry and still save on energy costs

In recent years Ozone technology in laundries has proven itself to be an effective instrument in ensuring the nonappearance of microorganisms, helping to reduce water usage and energy consumption while also reducing wash and dry times, plus improving the quality and life of all laundry fibres. The ReNew Ozone system from Richard Jay Pty Ltd has proven to beat all harmful bacteria.

There are economic benefits to an Ozone system, as well as microbiological and environmental benefits. Whether you want to safeguard staff, residents, patients, guests, customers or even animals, our ReNew Ozone disinfection system will provide the reassurance you need.
This technology is designed to offer peace of mind in all laundries where cross contamination is a risk.

Saving on energy costs
Ozone increases the effectiveness of chemicals, reducing the need for high temperature washing. Because of the cooler temperature needed in the wash cycles, the life of linen is improved on average by 20% due to less wear and tear on the textiles.
Ozone leaves no chemical residue as well the use of extra chemicals needed with Ozone is much lower than for traditional laundering systems. Ozone needs less rinsing, which saves water and because Ozone works efficiently in cold water, it is also saving significant energy.

Laundry hygiene and Barrier washers
Healthcare related infections can also be controlled with the Electrolux Barrier Washer solution. The Electrolux Hygiene Watchdog in this machine ensures that any wash program performs to its end before it allows unloading on the clean side. Combined with Ozone this is a great defence against the spreading of micro-organisms and cross infections. Thanks to longstanding partnerships with leading Microfibre suppliers and chemical companies, Richard Jay Pty Ltd also boasts unrivalled expertise in Microfibre cleaning. 

At Richard Jay Pty Ltd we offer the world leading Ozone technology, Renew. We understand the importance of infection control and potential cross infection in laundries. For maximum infection control, we can provide you validation of your wash process with information whether your load has passed or failed disinfection.

Call 1300 742 427 today to discover how you can reduce infection in your laundry facility with our holistic approach to laundry. We have solutions to suit all industries.
What customers say:
“The system is great with great results. I had swab tests that came back with no sign of infection and all achieved in cold water. I am loving the fact I am saving on utilities and my staff came up to me unsolicited with the comments that they are getting great wash results, the garments don’t smell like Nanna’s clothes anymore. The most important thing to me is that we have no sign of infection; I was not getting that washing with thermal disinfection.” - David Flight, Property Services Manager LifeCare Adelaide