Washer by Maytag Commercial

Maytag Front Load Washer MHN33PN/PD


The Maytag MHN33PN Energy Efficient washing machine has a capacity of 9kg. The washer fits smartly into the same floor space as the other Maytag machines, but everything else about the new MHN33 Front-Load Washer has been significantly enhanced.

From the Advanced Spin Technology for more consistent cycle times, to the redesigned DuraCore drive system to optimize reliability, to the perfect balance of simple user controls and revenue-generation opportunities, it’s clear. Maytag is backing their powerful name with greater dependability than ever.

American Pride Maytag MVW18


The MHN33 washer has the 'American Pride' claim - this product is designed, engineered and assembled in the U.S.A.  



See the animated video on the MHN33 below:



  • Provides extra cleaning power with more agitation time, hotter water and extra rinses
  • Water usage of only 40.5l per cycle
  • Advanced Spin Technology
  • Four dampers and two springs provide better stability
  • Capacity of 9kg
  • Duracore Drive System
  • Advanced components, like shaft sleeve and premium bearings, offer improved drive system reliability
  • Intelligent Controlls with M-series Technology

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