Washer by Electrolux Professional

Electrolux Stacked washer/dryer W555H/T5130


Every laundry is different and therefore we are offering an extensive range of Electrolux Professional washer extractors to ensure that you can choose the machine that meets your specific needs.

With the W555H Electrolux Professional washer extractor, you will benefit from a lot of excellent features. For example, the Power Balance that reduces vibrations and makes it possible to install this machine in every location.

With this T5130 Electrolux tumble dryer you obtain great results and improve your laundry’s efficiency by minimising running cost. The ergonomic design and specific incorporated features, Excellence inside, ensure that Electrolux dryers are simple and safe to use.


  • Power Balance; Reduces vibrations, making it possible to install the machine in all locations
  • Extremely low water and energy consumption
  • 6kg capacity washer and 7kg capacity dryer
  • Perfect for Lagoon® Advanced Care
  • Anti-wrinkle function prevents wrinkling of textiles if the dryer is not emptied

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