Washer by LG Commercial

LG Washer Titan-C Platinum


LG Titan C range of washers are well known for their efficiency, both in energy and water usage, and their near silent performance. With the addition of the new Titan-C washer to our range, on premise laundries now have access to this Soft Mount easy installation washer.

The brand new Titan C range of washers from LG, with a 15kg capacity, is perfect for any commercial laundry. Available in either coin or non-coin operated.


  • Large Capacity - 15kg
  • Easy Programming; users can design their own programs
  • Inverter Direct Drive Motor; because the drum is attached to the motor, it provides superior reliability and durability
  • Platinum Finish
  • Automatic Liquid Supply Injection Interface
  • Smart Tub Cleaning System
  • The tempered glass door is less susceptible to breakage and scratching
  • The small cabinet size with bigger washing capacity and stackable design allows more customers and more machines in limited space
  • 10° Tilted Drum; It enables the washer to have a higher level of water in the tub

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