Primus is one of the leading commercial washing machine manufacturers in Europe offering a complete range of front loading washer extractors from 6kg to 120kg. Primus is globally recognised brand representing high quality, relaibility and value for money.
Other Brands:
Maytag Commercial
Electrolux Professional
LG Commercial
Medical Barrier
RJ Series


Primus FX65

Primus FX Range of 7kg, 8kg, 11kg and 14kg commercial washers.

Primus FX180

Primus FX180 and FX240, 18kg and 24kg commercial washers.

Primus RX180

Primus RX180 RX240 and RX280 rigid mounted industrial washer-extractors

Primus RS10EC

Rigid mounted industrial washer-extractors. 10kg or 13kg capacities. Optional coin-op.

Primus RS18EC

Rigid mounted industrial washer-extractors. 18kg, 22kg, 27kg or 35kg capacities. Optional coin-op.


Primus front loading washer-extractor. 6.5kg capacity. Matching stackable dryer available.

Primus FS16FC

Free standing, high spin, 16.5kg industrial washer-extractor.

Primus FS33FC

Free standing, high spin, 33kg, 40kg and 55kg industrial washer-extractor.