Extended Range

To compliment all on premise laundries, coin laundry operations plus chemical and ware-wash Dispensing.

The GMP Chest Ironer E100.25 is suitable to iron linen not exceeding 2 meters width.

The GMP E200.30 Chest Ironer is a perfect choice for processing bed sheets.

The GMP E140.25 Chest Ironer has a 1.4 m roller width, which can process bed sheets up to 2.8 meters width.

The GMP E160.30 Chest Ironer is dedicated to medium-size laundries. Suitable to iron linen up to 3.2 meters width.

The GMP E.30 line Chest Ironers are dedicated to medium-size laundries, generally working in combination with washer extractors up to 30 kg load capacity.

The GMP Chest Ironer E120.25 is suitable to iron linen up to 2,4 meters width.